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The September Celebrations continue tonight with Soundfest

The Association for Belizean Artists First will hold its annual Soundfest concert tonight at the Bird’s Isle. President Tony Wright and Vice-president Jorge Ernesto Babb told us what they have in store for the public’s enjoyment. Eight Belizean artists and three bands will be playing at tonight’s event.

Tony Wright, President of Soundfest: “Direct from Los Angeles we have Carl “King” Rancho, then the beautiful sounds of Zoila Clarke, Sandy Bradshaw, Curly Miller and most of all we have Jorge Ernesto Babb on The Magic Organ. Then we have this guy Allan McKoy who will be there too. Eight artists total. We also have three big bands: Super Furia Band, World Culture Band, and Sweet Payne Band.”

Jorge Ernesto, Vice President: “Bring your flag and we will play some marching music where you can march around Big Bird’s Isle so it’s not only brukdown or punta but also some march music will be paying. There will be a lot of giveaways and we also will be having a bicycle giveaway. At Soundfest we promote all Belizean artists; bands and singers. I believe that September should be for Belizean artists. We have enough Belizean artists who will not get a chance to perform anywhere because they bring the foreign artists to a lot of the major events. Now we don’t have any problems with them, foreign artists, we don’t care if they come but we say when September comes give the Belizean artists a break and that’s why we have been doing Soundfest. You have to spend your dollars at home. Support your Belizean artists. When we pay these guys all the money spends right here back in Belize.”

Entry fee is twenty-five dollars and the show starts at 8:30 pm. Last year the Association published a book on local talent in Belize and copies will be on sale at tonight’s event. The association is holding Soundfest under the theme, “Belize Soundfest, a cultural tradition since 2002”.