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The Social Security Board of Belize is Going Digital

The Social Security Board of Belize (SSB) is celebrating forty years of service to the Belizean people and is now looking to have their essential services be at the reach of your fingertips. At a media mixer held last night by SSB, the board announced the launch of its new PERANSA System that will implement all its essential services under one online platform. The first phase of the system’s launch is the online service portal called the “My Social Security Self-Service Portal” that gives customers the option to apply or renew their social security card. SSB’s general manager of information and Communications Technology services Ward McGregor spoke about the system’s role in their push for digitalization.

Ward McGregor, GM, Information & Communication Technology Services: “The  whole concept of that program PERANSA is to allow our customers, our employers, our employees to have a 360 view of all information concerning them. So employers will be able to see everything about their business, the customers will be able to see everything about their information and the healthcare provider and so on and so forth. As it is our slogan is “Social Security at Your Fingertips” it’s literally at your fingertips because one of the initiatives or features that will be introduced in the next few weeks is biometrics, the use of fingerprint to secure your information. This first phase that we’ll be entering in the next few weeks will be the collection phase. So we can’t do anything to help and improve service using biometrics unless we collect the information. So in the next few weeks we’ll be introducing that feature and then we’ll start the enrollment process. The next function or feature is the employer portal. Now you want to know what’s the difference between this portal and the online contribution portal that Mrs.Cansino spoke about. This portal will allow not only the registration of employer information but it will allow you to access the portal using one set of credentials. So by now I’m hoping and pretty soon most people would have signed up for My Social Security Portal you’ll be able to use those same credentials to access whatever portal that you want in our portal family. There’s gonna be the employer portal, there’s gonna be a healthcare provider portal, obviously the My Social Security Portal so with that same credential you’ll be able to access what we call your profile to do what you want to do on the portal.”

McGregor also spoke about the cost to implement the system, which currently is estimated to near the range of ten million Belize Dollars. According to him, the system is one of the most economic choices the board could have made. McGregor went on to elaborate on how the company made its decision.

The system will be implemented within the next couple of months and comprises six major functions in its database.