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The Story of Ambassador Joel Nagel Still Untold by Government

Lead Opposition Senator Eamon Courtenay also spoke of matters relating to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, calling out Minister Wilfred Elrington and Belize’s Ambassador to Austria, Joel Nagel. Reports surfaced last week that Ambassador Negal was no longer welcomed in Austria. While the government has yet to issue an official release on the matter, former Prime Minister Said Musa spoke of it during the Sitting of the House of Representatives last week and yesterday Senator Courtenay did the same.


“I want to put on record in this senate, I don’t understand why the Minister of Foreign Affairs become so emotional and passionate when they called the name of Ambassador Joel Neigel*. The truth of the matter is that he was removed as ambassador of Belize from Austria. The government of Austria said leave town and leave town quickly and what the Minister of Foreign Affairs should say because we know right from over here, I’m talking about the mismanagement of foreign affairs we know right from next door at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the Austrians wrote and said leave and then they sent back a diplomatic note telling us why, do you know what the Austrians did ? They sent back a diplomatic note and set the date, leave by that date, run. But, and I want the Foreign Minister to deny this, he met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs from Austria and the Minister of Foreign Affairs told him why and it is time for him to tell the Belizean people why this country suffered the embarrassment of having one of its ambassadors told to leave the post by a foreign country.”

Negal was appointed as Ambassador to Austria in September 2015.