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The Supreme Court Grants the PBL an Interim Injunction on the CWU’s 1.5 Million

The court pumped the brakes on the one point five million dollars disbursement to stevedores by the Christian Workers Union (CWU). Supreme Court Justice Lisa Shoman granted an interim injunction on the money given to the CWU as ex-gratia payment to stevedores. The injunction ruling comes days after the government had already disbursed the monies to the union. CWU and stevedores began preparing to have the money disbursed since last week as they expected that Port of Belize Limited (PBL) would get involved. Stevedores began receiving their portion of the 1.5 million earlier today. The injunction is valid until March 16 when the court will reconvene. Justice Shoman indicated to all parties that her ruling is based on what she has deemed as missing information. Representing PBL was Marine Parade Chambers LLP. Attorney Hector Guerra told the press late this evening that stevedores and CWU knew that PBL was filing an injunction and as such, the monies should not have been disbursed.

Last week CWU President Evan “Mose” Hyde questioned PBL’s motives to file for an application for an injunction. Guerra says PBL’s position is that the constitution, as the highest law of the land, should be followed.

Madam Justice Shoman has directed the parties to submit any outstanding documents and affidavits by March 11, prior to the next hearing.