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The Taiwanese Embassy Donates Over Five Thousand Bales of Fabric

Over five thousand bales of fabric were donated by the Taiwanese Embassy this morning in Belmopan. 

Over five thousand bales of fabric were donated by the Taiwanese Embassy this morning in Belmopan.  Ambassador of Taiwan to Belize, Remus Li-Kuo Chen personally handed over the material to the Ministry of Human Development.  According to the Ambassador, the donation is done with the hope that it would benefit the women, in particular, to become financially independent.

Ambassador Remus Li- Kuo Chen, Ambassador of Taiwan to Belize: “We are here on this beautiful sunny day in Belmopan to have this hand over ceremony with 5,300 bales of fabrics donated by our very very warmhearted people to help especially those who have been impacted and affected by not only the COVID-19 but a lot of other factors. And so we are here with a very very mutually cherished partnership with the Ministry of Human Development and Families and Indigenous People’s Affairs to have this ceremony successfully conducted today. We actually are here to donate this which is valued at $50,000 US dollars in fabrics meaning we actually would like to see more women especially those who are also present here representing the different women’s groups to have the chance to receive these gifts so that they will have their sewing machines put into use to make products of clothing so they can sell and becoming financially and economically independent. So that’s the very important meaning. I think we want to help our brothers and sisters in Belize.”

Accepting the donation on behalf of the government was Minister Dolores Balderamos Garcia.  She told the media that the focus on women is crucial as the Covid-19 has placed much pressures on them.

Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia, Minister of Human Development:“This donation today really warms our hearts because it is a practical donation and Taiwan has always shown us that they put their money where their mouth is. In other words in these COVID times of difficulty of families, women, and women are really affected worse in this pandemic hour if I could put it that way even though it’s going on a year now. In these times when things are so difficult a donation, a generous donation such as this which will help our women to empower themselves to have some income generation to support their families and to be involved in a worthwhile activity is something that we are very very grateful to accept. The best way we can show our appreciation to Taiwan is by making good use of these fabrics. Let’s make the uniforms, let’s make the curtains, let’s make whatever it is the table cloths and whatever it is that we want to make from it maybe pants, maybe blouses, whatever we need let’s make good use of is because it’s not every day that you have as the Ambassador said a friend indeed is a really a friend indeed and that is what Taiwan is showing us.”

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