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The UDP Questions GOB’s Decision on “Dia De La Raza”

In 2022, the October holiday we did not get this year will be reintroduced but it will be named “Dia de la Raza”. This comes after many years of October 12 being observed as Columbus Day in the first instance, and as Pan American Day. The new “Dia de la Raza” holiday has the UDP questioning the government’s rationale. In a release issued today, the Opposition says that it, quote, “strongly objects to the adoption of any coined term that attempts to glorify Spain’s colonial conquest and brutality against indigenous peoples.” End of quote. The party is calling on the Government to reconsider the name change to, “Indigenous People’s Day”, which they argue is, quote, “a truer reflection of the values upheld by a modern, civilized world and a fitting cause for celebration by all Belizeans” Unquote. The party noted that in Venezuela, the holiday is Indigenous Resistance Day and in Peru, they refer to it as Indigenous Peoples and Intercultural Dialogue Day. As it pertains to the absence of the Commonwealth Day holiday, which is marked on May 24, the party says that “discontinuing the observance of this holiday and what it represents is a weighty decision and deserves some degree of national dialogue and consultation”. The UDP called on Government to present its case to the public for making this particular change.