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UDP Chairman says PUP government only pushing policies without consultation.

The crime-fighting strategy of the government and the possibility of increased taxes are only two of several matters that the opposition have highlighted. The other has to do with the Covid-19 approach, the lack of communication with the media and the general public. Chairman Michael Peyrefitte says the PUP’s approach is comparative to a dictatorship. He justifies this perception by saying that the government is only pushing policies and regulations without consultation.

Michael Peyrefitte, Chairman, UDP: “Given the novel situation of the coronavirus and the pandemic we feel that the most important thing was for the people to be informed. And remember during our time there was no vaccine, there was nothing present like what this government has at its disposal at this stage. Well then this was the thing, Prime Minister Barrow believed that the public ought to be informed and it should be a joint effort. You had a national oversight committee whereby it was the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition who co-chaired that committee. You had a technical group under them and then the Prime Minister would brief the nation as to what decisions were made by the National Oversight Committee and then the Prime Minister would instruct me to get certain laws done and then go on TV and explain so the people can understand. But what do you expect from a Prime Minister who coming upon a year since he was elected, November 11th is right around the corner just a couple weeks to go. This Prime Minister and I keep saying it has not had a press conference to this nation. This Prime Minister has not sat down and give the press an opportunity so the public can learn as to what is his thinking and what is his policy driven mentality behind certain things, we don’t know. This government is here “Do this or else.” and it’s an attitude of do it and we don’t have to explain nothing to you. We don’t have to explain to you why we’re doing this, why we’re doing that because what will you do? You have to wait until 2025 for an election so if you vex wait till then. And quite frankly it is becoming very clear that they don’t care what you think. So it’s do this because that’s what they want to see done without them having the need to explain to you why you should do it. And let’s be frank the public doesn’t trust them. When you don’t come out and you don’t explain things to people, when you don’t come out and you let the public know what’s the situation, what are your goals, what are your policies then the public will not trust you. Maybe if the public had trusted them the public or more persons in the public would go and take the vaccine but the public doesn’t trust this government so when they don’t trust them for not even informing them how do you expect them to widely go and just take a vaccine because you say so.”

Chairman Peyrefitte goes on to say that there is much confusion surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. He says that the Briceno government came into office with no idea or clue on how they would have approached the Covid-19 situation.

Michael Peyrefitte, Chairman, UDP: “This is a disconnect that this government has with the general public and with that now with people not being informed, with people not given the proper facts, the people not being given an explanation as to what they want to do makes a situation where you have all this confusion and it demonstrates,  this pandemic became a worldwide phenomenon about March or April so of 2020. The General Elections were November 2020, it tells us that when the PUP came to government they didn’t have a plan. They didn’t have a plan. They didn’t have a strategy as to how they would approach this pandemic situation. It seems to me that all their interested in is making money of the rapid tests and all these different tests that you have to pay for. The public has this fair perception that all of this is just a hustle and all of that creates the confusion and exposes the fact that the PUP just simply can’t handle being in government.”