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The UDP Wants Faber Out

The United Democratic Party (UDP) has gone mum once again following the explosive news of the attempt to remove Patrick Faber as the leader. The 43-year-old leader has ignored our requests for comment over the past two weeks, and so with no one willing to speak on the current coup within the UDP, we take a look back on what seemingly will be Faber’s short political career at the top. It was less than one year ago that the Collet Area Representative gave his victory speech at ITVET where he thanked the supporters that have now had a change of heart.

Patrick Faber, Leader of the Opposition: “It is my life’s ambition, as you know, to become the leader of this party and to be of service to this party. Of course the only thing that can make that further complete is offering my service to the country as the prime minister of this country some day.”

But that day might not come for Faber as he is under sustained attack from within, whilst holding on for dear life with hope that the dust settles sooner rather than later. Sources within the party, however, are saying that it may not be so easy as it was some months ago when Faber seemingly enjoyed the support of the party delegates, and even the then leader, Dean Barrow.

Patrick Faber, Leader of the Opposition: “There is record of him saying this over the many years that I have served as his deputy or even served as his minister in cabinet that he believes that I am competent and capable and that I have that integrity and honesty to lead the party and to carry it on.”

As the saying goes, politics is fluid, so fluid that with Dean Barrow no longer in the mix, his son, Shyne Barrow continues to be at war with Faber as recent as June 9 where he took it as far as social media to express a no-confidence in Faber as the UDP leader.

Shyne Barrow, Area Representative, Mesop: “We were conversing and strategizing as to how to bring about the removal of the leader of the opposition and then I made my statement based on the conversations that I’ve had with all the members of the house.”

And indeed the majority of the UDP Representatives in the House are backing the removal of their Party Leader. Reports are that the power-move is being led by John Saldivar, but he has since denied those allegations, saying he is only interested in reclaiming the Belmopan seat. Even so, Saldivar has been known to have quite a following within the UDP, and while he may not be able to offer himself a third time for the Party Leader, Faber has acknowledged that Saldivar should never be underestimated.

Patrick Faber, Leader of the Opposition: “Saldivar is a fighter and he’s one who keeps coming back. I think they had said that about Clinton and so I wouldn’t count him out all together just yet. I believe that he’s the kind of person who will do whatever kind of introspection he needs to do and he will come back. I mean I should know I have been his opponent several times and I know that he doesn’t give up so I am positive that he will do what he needs to do in order to stand strong again.”