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The UDP’s Chairman says Jasmine Hartin should not have been detained without evidence

On Friday we reported that Jasmine Hartin was cleared of any allegations that she had placed a hit on the Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, and Family Court Magistrate, Dale Cayetano. In May, Hartin was taken into police custody for questioning as the allegations had reached the ears of Williams. However, on Friday, Williams told Love News that the department had cleared Hartin of the accusation and did not come up with anything credible to show that the threat was made or if the threat was real. Today, UDP Chairman Michael Peyrefitte, who is a former Minister of Police, weighed in on the matter and says the department acted prematurely.

Michael Peyrefitte, UDP Chairman: “The Police Department should not be indicating anybody without any evidence. It is a serious, serious thing for anyone to threaten the Commissioner of Police and a Magistrate, and or a Magistrate. It is as serious, if not more serious, to accuse a person of that if it is not true and you don’t have evidence. I think it’s a shameful day that you can bring an accusation like that against any individual, any individual, without the evidence, have that evidence to be used against that individual in other court cases only to come out after when it’s too late and say “Oops! Sorry! We didn’t have any evidence.” if you didn’t have any evidence, you should never have made that public. If you didn’t have any evidence, you should never have proffered a charge.”