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The Un-vaccinated Now Allowed to Attend Church Services

Statutory Instrument Number 136 was gazetted over the weekend, extending the curfew for another 30 days and allowing casinos to reopen to the public. According to the SI, the curfew goes from 9pm to 4am starting today through to December 1. Also, effective today, casinos are being allowed to reopen with several conditions. Among those conditions are the requirements that both employees and must be vaccinated; that slot machines be strategically placed six-feet apart; that both employees and patrons wear masks at all times and that sanitization stations be erected throughout the casino. The SI further states that casinos can only operate at fifty percent capacity. Additionally, all casinos and other gaming establishments must keep a log on each patron including their names, contact information and temperature check for a minimum of 30 days. As part of the requirement from the Ministry of Health, casinos must have a Justice of the Peace officer on each floor to ensure that the guidelines are being followed. In speaking with the Minister of Home Affairs, Kareem Musa, the media also learnt that amendments were also made regarding the churches.

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs and New Growth Industries: “That has been removed from the SI. The requirement that you have to be vaccinated to attend church I believe that has been removed already in this new SI. You know every single month based on the science and based on the percentage and the spread, the percentage spread I think it was at 14% spread each month based on the spread we have to then decide at the end of each month what we can bend on. So this is something that is always changing from month to month. We are seeing a very slight decline but not noticeable to that point but we have heard the churches’ concern and we have made the adjustments to the SI. The numbers are still high. Like I said I think it’s around 14% if we can get it to under 10% I believe we’ll be able to extend the curfew to maybe ten or eleven o’clock.”

Love News understands that impromptu checks are expected to be carried out at various locations by officials from the ministry or a member of the security forces.