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The Value of the Forest through the Eyes of Youth

Today more than a thousand students from across the country filled the Sacred Heart Auditorium to celebrate International Forest Day. The event was organized by the Forest Department and the purpose was for students to depict, through any creative art form, how important the forest is for us. Students were also tasked to highlight the forest as an important climate change solution. As part of the event, the Forest 4 Life initiative was launched. Communications Officer for the Forest Department, Violet Yorke, shared more.


“Forest for Life is an initiative that we are launching as part of the Forest For Life campaign and as a part of Forest Day. This campaign invites young people from across the country to be part of the strength and unity in actually sending a clear message to Belizeans and to the world that we find our forest as important to our lives and for our livelihoods. So they are here today to celebrate that. They are actually learning from each other because the presentations are demonstrating what they know about the forest, about how it affects them, how it provides food and how it helps filter water and how it’s a climate change solution so these kids have learnt these things and are now presenting them to other students and sharing this message with them. We want to let people understand and know that young people are learning and gaining a clear message as to what it is that they want to say about our forest. They know that they need to protect it and they know that if they don’t do so now and we don’t hear their voices now they won’t have any in the future to protect so they want people to know about the wildlife species, and the tee species they want people to use it but to use it wisely.”

According to Yorke, Forest 4 Life has become a growing movement of over 1,000 members.