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The wife of former Police Constable Mena presented with an insurance cheque

Two months after his passing, the family of late Corporal Annibal Mena collected an insurance cheque. The cheque was presented to Mena’s wife this afternoon in a brief ceremony held on Queen Street in Belize City.  Corporal Mena was in a road traffic incident in the Corozal District on September 3.  He was hospitalized and passed away one week later.  Harrison Pilgrim the Managing Director of Diversified Life Solutions presented the cheque and gave a brief statement.

COMPOL Williams also encouraged officers to invest in their life and health considering the line of work they are in.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: While yes we’re certain that the money that you are about to receive is not going to bring back your husband we believe it is going to provide some level of comfort to you and your family in ensuring that there is some financial stability at least for a period of time resulting from the wise decision that your husband took a few years ago when he decided to be a part of the Diversified Life Solution insurance scheme. It is a program which is run through the Ministry of Home Affairs. Often times we see police officers falling ill or police officers dying and there’s nothing there as a form of support to the families that are left behind and so this insurance scheme is a very very good one that I believe can help to assist the families of our fallen officers and even when our officers are ill it also provides some financial support for them to be able to cover their medical expenses. And so I also want to again go back to Mr.Pilgrim’s words to say to those officers who are not yet a part of a program to see how you can be a part of it. At the end of the day it’s not money wasted I’m sure that officers spent more than $90 a month on alcohol or cigarette or going to the clubs; try to spend your money on something that will be beneficial to you or your family at a later date.”