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The Wit Remains Unsunk

Last week, we took you on the Wit Concrete, which was supposed to be sunk today and transformed into the Wit Turneffe but it looks like the three –hundred-seventy-five-foot concrete ship is not ready to go under. The media and government and NGO officials were ferried to Blackbird Resort, a few hundred yards where the Wit Concrete was to go underwater today in the Turneffe Atoll. It was supposed to be a remarkable achievement but it will now have to wait and that’s because in preparing the ship to be sunk, technical difficulties were experienced as explained by *Garen (ga-ren) Simonyan (si-mon-yan), a representative of Blackbird Caye Resort.*

Garen Simonyan, Representative, Blackbird Caye Resort: “Unfortunately we had one of the anchors off the Wit Concrete snap due to the age of the chain on that one. So one anchor less we still had the five large anchors which would have still been possible. During the tug maneuver we were doing two of the anchor lines snapped underneath and one of the other anchors shifted so with the devices that were gonna secure the ship in position so that with the detonation it goes straight down and nowhere else not being available like they should be that’s when the decision was called. The amount of time it would take to get it done you’d lose the sunlight and it wouldn’t be done by today and we can’t leave the ship out there it’s not safe so we’re gonna tow it back, we’re gonna get everything prepped and we’ll do it again on another today.”

Our news crew arrived minutes before 6 o’clock so we’ll have the full story in Wednesday’s newscast.