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Thea Garcia-Ramirez resigns from PUP Northern Caucus

Thea Garcia Ramirez has resigned as the Chairperson of the PUP’s Northern Caucus. She also stepped down from the post of Chairperson for the PUP’s Corozal Bay Committee. Her resignation was submitted and accepted today, two days after she lost her political bid to become the party’s Standard Bearer for Corozal Bay. She along with three other candidates were defeated by hundreds of votes garnered by David “Dido” Vega. In her letter, Garcia-Ramirez, speaks about gender equality, telling PUP Leader John Briceno that ‘the experience of having been one of but a few women reminds her that they are still a very long way from their constitutionally mandated thirty percent, which was a bar, in her opinion, set too low. She says quote, “If we are serious about equality then the target should always be fifty percent”. End of quote. She further states quote, “I was smart enough to know it but also naïve enough to believe that my opinion would matter, that my perspective would be appreciated, that my input even when unsolicited would be welcomed and my contributions to discourse recognized.” End of quote. In her two-page resignation letter, Garcia-Ramirez also says quote ‘I am horrified that it seems very likely we will not even meet ten percent of female representation in our national slate at the next general elections.” End of quote. After she submitted her resignation, Love News spoke to Garcia Ramirez. She says there are no ill feelings towards Vega or the P.U.P.

Thea Garcia Ramirez, Former PUP Standard Bearer: “Hipolito I will be honest, it is the privilege of any standard bearer of any party to pick the team that he wants to work with him, his executive. I have just resigned, just this minute as I’m sure you know from the executive of the Corozal Bay. My resignation has been accepted because I believe that it is his privilege and choice to work with the people he wants and I think he should be given room and way to do just that.”

Reporter: Some might say that you might have stayed on and helped in any way possible.

Thea Garcia Ramirez, Former PUP Standard Bearer: “I think that if the new standard bearer Mr.Dido Vega wants my help he can count on it he only needs to ask.”

Reporter: There isn’t any bad blood between you and Mr.Dido?

Thea Garcia Ramirez, Former PUP Standard Bearer: “I’m a vegetarian I don’t do blood.”

Reporter: You know these conventions can not only hurt a candidate’s ego and hopes but it can also hurt a candidate’s relationship with other candidates and the part- is everything good with Thea Garcia Ramirez, Dido and the People’s United Party?

Thea Garcia Ramirez, Former PUP Standard Bearer:“Well I would think so. I have never had a personal problem with any of the candidates. As a matter of fact I am fast friends with Mr.Dado who has my love because he is an older gentleman has my respect and has seen me grow from a young child. I am also friends with Shamir who has been a part of my extended family for years and Alex who has been a collaborator with the executive for a long time. Mr.Vega is also a friend and I have had no issues with him whatsoever so I believe unless you know something that I don’t know that we are fast friends. In hindsight you know everything is 2020 and certainly we could have done a better job but I must say that I have had the hardest working team and I can find no fault with my campaigners or my machinery. Certainly given the results we could have done better, we should have done better but it is what it is and I publicly thank all my team.”

Garcia-Ramirez says that being relatively young, a female and a newcomer to the political scene, set her at a distinct disadvantage. She told the Party Leader that it is time to quote, “start walking the walk and not just talking the talk…” End of quote. After the PUP National Executive meeting, Briceno walked away from our cameras, declining to comment.