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Theatre Arts in Belize

Arts come in various forms ranging from painting to dance to music and poetry; there is also theatre art that has not taken much popularity in our country.  Joseph Stamp-Romero has been known to be one of the key players in the theatre arts when it comes to writing scripts and directing stage plays.  Romero who attended Anglican Cathedral College and SJC Junior College told Love News that while working in theatre does not bring financial gain, it is a passion for him and he has seen where it has become better than therapy for some of the actors.


As for the pool of talent that Romero has been able to feature in his plays, he told us that he works and observes a lot when it comes to young people.  He spoke of additional ways in which he selects his actors and actresses.


His recent work called Deaf Chorus is debuting this weekend during the Street Arts Festival and that will take some time before it hits the stage at the Bliss Centre.  His other play, Sleepless Girl, however is slated to go on in a few weeks.


Romero does his theatre plays with the support of Restore Belize.