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There is a Need for Renewable Energy Use Across the World

COP26 saw world leaders pledging to reduce the use of coal for energy. Initially, the pledge sought to completely “phase out” the use of coal; however, India, one of the world’s biggest burners of coal raised the notion to change the wording. The war in Ukraine exacerbated this issue, causing European nations to revert to using coal for energy to replace Russian oil. Ambassador Carlos Fuller, explains this is not sustainable and can lead to detrimental effects down the road.

Carlos Fuller, International and Regional Liaison Officer, 5 C’s: “That has been a concern that we have indeed and we are pushing back very strongly telling them this is the opportunity for you now to transition to a new renewable energy. You had the opportunity when COVID occurred when basically economic activity around the world slowed down significantly, there was not much production and as a result of that there was an opportunity for them to transform into a cleaner more circular economy they did not come through with that we are seeing again nature is producing you another opportunity that you don’t have to go back so the old ways there is now the new renewable technologies available and some countries are moving the step forward. So the US as you know in California they will no longer produce new gasoline powered vehicles after 2035 and so those things are coming on stream and I think that is what we need to promote that we need to use this opportunity to go to the newer forms of energy.”