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There is Still No Auditor General

And while Giovanni Brackett got a cushy contract, the government is still having trouble filling the post of Auditor General. It’s been months since former Auditor General Dorothy Bradley left and her successor has not been named. It’s a matter of national importance because the office of the Auditor General plays a crucial role in transparency, accountability and looking after the public’s purse. When asked about it today, Prime Minister John Briceno gave reasons why the post has not been filled. 

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize: “We have several problems when it comes to hiring people at these high levels. Presently we feel that we have not identified a person within the department that can hold that position. I think the people there would need some more experience. Secondly, if we try to bring in people from the private sector they’re not going to work for what they’re being paid for and so they’re not interested that’s always the problem that we have and thirdly I think the last time I had a meeting with the former Auditor General, and she has expressed interest when we asked her to come back for another year then that would then allow us more time to be able to identify an Auditor General that then can take it over from there.”