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There’s No Interference For Belizeans To Navigate The Sarstoon River

With other burning issues at the forefront the Belize Guatemala matter had been placed on the back burner.  With the Prime Minister appearing as a guest on The Morning Show, we asked him to update us on the current status of the matter.

“Well as far as I know our people are now going up our side of the river without let or hindrance or interference so it seems that as a defacto situation we are not having the difficulties that we had grown accustomed to, certainly the military goes to do that change over at Cadenas without any problem. I don’t know how many civilians chose to go….

Reporter: Well the concern is that they are fishing in our waters illegally and constantly.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow: but that is a different thing. Far more critical was when we couldn’t go up our side of the river. So that seems to have as a practical matter not resolved itself but there is certainly a temporary stay in the Guatemalan efforts to bully us. We cannot be satisfied though until there is a formal protocol in writing, an agreement in writing. In the mean time I understand this is happening and we are happy for the breakthrough, this is a breakthrough but we cannot be entirely satisfied until we get the protocol in writing, that is being worked on, it is clear to me that the Guatemalans are not in any rush, they have committed to it in the eyes of the world and in the eyes of the OAS, it is now  for us to press and not to stop pressing until we get that agreement.”