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Over 14,000 persons attend 2017 Expo

The ITVET compound in Belize City came alive this week with the annual Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry annual Belize Expo Market Place. According to the BCCI, 104 companies participated and more than fourteen thousand people visited the expo.  President of the BCCI, Nikita Usher gave the welcoming remarks at the opening ceremony on Saturday.

All the greatest of plans and hard work will mean nothing however if our members, local producers, service providers and SMEs and young entrepreneurs did not have the confidence in the expo Belize market place as the best place for them to introduce their products and services to the Belizean consumer and therefore they seized all opportunity every time to participate in greater numbers each time. It is your faith, response and commitment to return that supports every year and energizes the BCCI team to continue making a better expo Belize every year and for the last 21 years. Ladies and gentlemen please join me in applauding all our booth holders for their emblematic display of the future of Belize’s economy