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Thief gets shot and got 44 dollars in Coins

A daring heist on Daly Street in Belize City resulted in many shots being fired and a suspect getting an injury in the leg. But the police say that the thief didn’t get much. After getting shot, one of the suspect had about forty four dollars in coins from the store which is located near Moon Clusters.

ASP ALejandro Cowo: “Police responded to a robbery in progress on Daily street. As a result several Police mobiles were dispatched to that area where upon arrival on Eve Street Police observed two male persons running in that direction. Based on the description that was provided by the victim Police pursued these guys and as a result one of the male persons was shot to the leg. Police recovered in the area about $44.45 in coins which is suspected to be process of the robbery report. The robbery happened earlier on Daly Street at this business place named Kung Hwa Store of Daily Street. The proprietor reported that an amount of $300 was stolen from her and this is by two male persons who entered the shop. One of them ordered a gallon of water and whilst she was attending to him another male person entered. She was forced inside of the shop and there after one of the male person jumped the counter and pointed a gun whilst she was outside with the man and thereafter they stole the $350 from the register and they made good their escape. The suspect that was shot is still admitted at the hospital at the moment.”

Assistant Superintendent of Police Alejandro Cowo says that the shopkeeper reported that 350 dollars total were unaccounted for. ASP Cowo also says the department continued to make strides in the recovery of ammunition stolen from Victor L. Bryant on Chetumal Boulevard. Cowo says that one thousand rounds of ammunition have been found.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “On Saturday Police recovered almost 1000 rounds of ammunition which was suspected to be from the burglary of Victor L. Bryant. This was found again in the Martins area.”

Reporter: “One thousand rounds, what type?”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “They had various .38 and 9mm rounds.”

Reporter: “Okay so do you all know exactly how many bullets are still outstanding?”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “I believe it is maybe about 500 rounds more I think what is missing up to now.”

The police continue to investigate the burglary as the proprietor of the business is expected to make a case to the Commissioner of Police about what he would do to safeguard his facility. .