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Stealing From the Blind; BCVI Belmopan Robbed

The thieves also made a stop at the office of the Belize Council for the Visually Impaired.

Fem Cruz, Love FM: “Love News was called out to an area on Cemetery Road in Belmopan where a burglary was reported a the Belize Council for the Visually impaired. Monique Lovelle the optometrist explains.”

Monique Lovelle, Optometrist, BCVI: ” This morning I came in around eight o’clock and we came in and saw that the door was open for the Red Cross and when we opened up the main door to gain access to the clinic we saw that the side door that connects to the Red Cross and to the clinic was open and the clothes were thrown about inside the room. From there we proceeded to other parts of the clinic where were able to see that a few of the laptops that we used for our daily entries of all our patients that come in, that holds all the information that comes in of all the past patients that we have seen it was all there on our computer, those laptops were removed. We had one for our ophthalmic assistants and then for the optometrist that one was also removed. We have a camera that we use for our diabetic patients that we have a screening program for our diabetic patients that we do not just here in Belmopan but in Belize City and the laptop that is used to hold all of the patient’s pictures that we take that are diabetic that was also taken, the Canon camera that we use to take the pictures on there to see the back of eye was also stolen. We had certain stuff was ransacked, our stationery they even went with some of that, our standing fans that we have who come and they are waiting in the waiting room that was also taken. Tomorrow we also have a clinic where we have a doctor who is coming from the Southern California who will be coming to Belize and seeing patients so even the patient history everything that was taken along with the laptop so we will have to start from scratch when it comes to that. Our server because we use the BHIS system that is connected to the Ministry of Health that was also removed and that feeds all our information, our back up that is sent directly to the Ministry of Health was also taken.”