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Third Attempt kills Jordy “Viente” Flores

Thirty year old Jordy “viente” Flores was gunned down in his back yard in Punta Gorda. Flores, was about to retrieve a quantity of marijuana from his backyard on Far West Street for a client, when he was shot in the back. Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Myvett says the police department is looking for a suspect. Though no motive has been established for his murder, the police say that two previous attempts had been made on Flores’ life.

ACP Joseph Myvett: “The murder in PG was on Tuesday. Sometime around 6:45 PM Punta Gorda Police was called to the scene of a shooting incident on Far West Street in Punta Gorda where upon arrival they were informed that the victim had already been taken to the Punta Gorda Community Hospital. They visited the Hospital and observed one Jordy Flores 30 years of a Far West Street address Punta Gorda Town suffering from gunshot injuries and whilst being attended to Flores died of those injuries. Initial Police investigation revealed that sometime around 6:15 PM whilst the deceased was at home he was visited by a male person on a bicycle who shouted for him and as a result he came out of his house and that was when he was fired upon by this person who then there after rode off on a bicycle. Police are seeking one suspect in relation to this investigation.”

The police say that Flores was well known to the department as he had been stopped and searched several times.