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Third Party Rejects ICJ’s Involvement in Territorial Dispute with Guatemala

One of the issues the VIP addressed what that of the latest development as it relates to the Special Agreement between Belize and Guatemala. An amendment will be signed before the month’s end between both countries’ foreign Ministers agreeing that the referenda will not be held simultaneously as originally agreed. In this case, Guatemala will hold its referendum first by the end of the year, presumably in November. Belize is expected to hold its referendum sometime after the elections but the VIP is strongly against taking the matter to be settled at the International Court of Justice. Paco Smith, shared more.


“Straight forward the International Court of Justice –  we don’t want that, it’s been our position since day one and unlike individuals who are representing the Her Majesty’s Royal Opposition, we are not involved in linguistic calisthenics and yoga.  We are not changing our mouth, we are not saying anything different, nothing has changed; our position is no. Now on the 12th of May 2015 GOB announced that it will allow Guatemala yet another pass by agreeing to amend the compromis so that the stipulation of simultaneous referendum no longer stands thereby giving Guatemala its blessing for them to hold referendum before Belize. Now the FM also highlighted and this we find very troubling from a government standpoint that under and I quote “Under our system of governance political leaders are elected for five year terms and are given responsibilities to handle these matters and so it is not our obligation to go back to the public every time we are taking an action” I don’t know about you but as brother Patrick has pointed out quite clearly on more than one occasion we live in a state that is characteristic of tyranny so this is yet another example of tyranny under which we are living in. The ICJ is not the proper medium to address the unfounded Guatemalan claim because Belize is the only one that stands to lose something tangible. The compromi or Special Agreement has yet to be taken to the Senate in order to earn authorization for its ratification in the form of such instruments which are required by law.  Therefore we believe the Belizeans must vote no to the ICJ even if the ICJ is linked to impending General Elections we must vote no to the ICJ as well as the PUDP.”