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Third Party Says America Is Behind Guatemala in Getting Belize

As it pertains to the Belize/Guatemala territorial issues, the Vision Inspired by the People heavily criticized the Barrow administration and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, saying that their research has led them to believe that Guatemala has grounds to feel that their territory was taken away from them.


“Now our Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been doing what they call consultation and educating the people on their side of this matter Belize. They are making it as though it is an unfounded claim that Guatemala has to this territory. Well at the VIP desk, all the reading we have done, the researching material told us that you know what, Guatemala does have ground to feel that they have had territory taken away by a bigger power. At the time they were willing to accept monetary compensation, understanding that England had the might so everything around 1981 was hinged around England compensating Guatemala for an article 7 clause in the 1859 agreement that England never did fulfill which is why Guatemala never did ratify that 1859 convention that is a one sided thing so if we were, brothers and sisters, to take this thing to the ICJ what would happen. The fact that America who is behind Guatemala getting control of our territory because the oil is rich and they don’t care for the Sibun down there they want the Toledo district from Monkey River down. That is what they have been recommending since England didn’t pay Guatemala when they had the chance to pay when it was an Anglo Guatemalan dispute poor little Belize not having the might cannot think about monetary compensation now we have compensate by the way of giving up land and territories. That is where this discussion is at today. If we do not understand what we are setting up ourselves up to by giving the ICJ this authority because they have no authority in Belize until we go to them and say that we want them to hear this case, until we do that. When we do that we can stipulate what we send to them to rule on so the VIP had made the point from 2008 when the compromi was sent that this thing was done in secret and nobody consulted us because had they consulted us article seven the wording of the referendum question would not have included land and insular territory it would have stopped at what the British Anglo Guatemalan dispute was all about, it would have never introduced compensation by way of land and insular territory. That is the problem with this compromi. It’s not that Belize in no way should not consider an ICJ decision to settle this but certainly had the people of Belize had a say in it we could have reminded this current administration as much as it is the Prime Minister’s dream to settle this matter, there is too much at risk if we introduce the issue of land and insular territory as compensation to Guatemala should the ICJ rule in their favor. It was never an option until that compromi. That compromis gave up fifty years of negotiation negotiating position that Belize had held onto until this administration decided to introduce it on the compromis.”