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Third Party Says National Budget Leaves a Lot to Be Desired

The recent budget date for the Fiscal Year 2016-2017 saw a number of concerns brought by the opposition, People United Party. They are not the only ones who have an opinion about the budget. Chairman of the Belize Progressive Party, Paco Smith said there is nothing eye opening in this year’s budget.


“The BPP’s perspective is that it leaves a lot to be desired. In terms of the expenditure, the focus it is for the most part along the lines of what we anticipated and what we anticipated wasn’t anything that would be eye opening. We believe that in terms of the budget it is basically indicative of the type of leadership, or lack thereof, that we’ve seen for the past two administrations. So the budget is the budget, it’s been passed, unfortunately the process that we go through in terms of our system of governance calls for that and it happens due to the numbers.”

Of the main concerns about the budget, was that the productive sector and the agricultural sector has been short coming.


“Specifically I’d like to say that in terms of allocations, definitely there is always more room for allocations to be made for the productive sector. One of the glaring things about this particular budget, as has been in successive budgets prior is that the agro sector is not given top priority. When we are talking about the agro productive sector we are talking about the productive entities, the productive industries in this nation and that is what we need to drive this nation forward. That has been a glaring omission or shall I say depletion in this budget as it has been in others.”

Total Expenditure is budgeted at one point one five one billion dollars while Total Revenue and Grants are less and estimated at one point zero eight billion dollars.