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Thirty-nine more days to Municipal Elections

Both major political parties have launched their municipal campaign in an effort to convince voters why they are the better choice. They have thirty-nine more days to do so and Belmopan Area Representative John Saldivar says that he is confident that the UDP will defeat the PUP on March 7.


“Fully involved in the campaign.  As a matter of fact, I did not get to sleep last night. I am very involved directing the campaign in Belmopan and I feel very good about our chances, we have an excellent slate. We have a very charismatic mayor, a mayor that has achieved quite a bit in the three years that he has been there. The collaboration between himself and myself has produced great benefits for the people of Belmopan. I am confident the people of Belmopan see that and will reward us on March 7th and I believe that we remain strong in all other municipalities, in fact, I believe that we are in for a surprise in terms of sweeping these elections. I will probably have to concede to Orange walk being tough but as much as you talk about the Briceño effect their; I would want to talk about the De La Fuente effect. I believe that in the past De la Fuente Philip has shown that he is a very charismatic and likable person in Orange Walk and I believe that he is going to pull off quite a surprise to the Johnny Briceño people that may cause Johnny Briceño some problems with his leadership after the election. Otherwise than that I still again repeat I see no reason why we should not be able to sweep the other municipalities.”

In Belmopan, Mayor Khalid Belisle is leading his UDP slate against the PUP’s Tanya Santos and her team.