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Thousands of Students to benefit from Donation

Meanwhile, thousands of students in the Toledo District will benefit from a donation of school supplies. Senior Correspondent Paul Mahung reports. 

Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: Over 4,400 students in Toledo Catholic Primary Schools will be impacted by needed school supplies provided to two hundred and fifty primary school teachers to produce quality teaching aids used in enhancing effective learning opportunities with their respective students in the new school year. The school supply materials were made possible through Toledo Catholic Schools Management and handed over to twenty nine principals to present to staff members during their recent preparation and training sessions for reopening of schools. Toledo Catholic Schools Assistant Local Manager Claret Jacobs handed over the school supplies and spoke to Love News.

Claret Jacobs, Assistant Local Manager, Toledo Catholic School: “As school reopened the management has found it important to assist our teachers hence through donations from our foriegn friends we were able to provide teachers with some needed assistance. Some materials such as bristol board, markers, tape, they were able to get staplers, and staples nad some sanitizing wipes to assist them as they go through and prepare for the new year.”

Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: Was the local manager helpful in any way ? 

Claret Jacobs, Assistant Local Manager, Toledo Catholic School: “Father Matt was very influential. As a matter of fact he has been lobbying for our management with the much needed materials that our teachers have received and will continue to receive.”

Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: Any idea how many students they’re reaching out to in the Toledo district in the Catholic schools ?

Claret Jacobs, Assistant Local Manager, Toledo Catholic School: “Toledo district has 4,453 children to be impacted by this donation that our teachers got.”

Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: Comments from the teachers were words of gratitude as with reality of economic challenges  the needed school supplies were timely and helpful as with the anxiety of the reopening of the new school year teachers are eager to use effective teaching strategies as there is the need for students to catch up from disrupted academic and classroom sessions during the past couple of years.”