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Three arrested and charged for large stash of Illegal pills

A police patrol in Spanish Lookout intercepted three persons with a substantial amount of illegal pills on Tuesday. The officers were on patrol on River Side Street in Spanish Lookout when they came across a taxi with three occupants. Officers searched the vehicle but did not find anything incriminating. However, when they searched in immediate area, officers found a bag of pills. But, that was not the only amount of pills found. Officers in San Pedro also made a bust. ACP Myvett gave more details of both incidents.

ACP Joseph Myvett, Belize City Police: “A search of the immediate area resulted in the discovery of a knapsack which contained a substantial amount of tablets which were seized and taken to the lab where tested resulted to be Oxycontin. Police have since arrested and charged three persons for the possession within intent to supply amounting to 8,461 grams. The persons arrested are Sophia Sorto a 25 year old Honduran national, Justin Torilla and Ricardo Canek both residents of Benque Viejo. This investigation is still ongoing. These persons were charged and appeared before the court today where they were remanded into custody. Also San Pedro police had a similar discovery of tablets on Friday the 6 July which was found at a warehouse in San Pedro. Those tablets amounted to 896 grams for which there is an ongoing investigation, those are in the process of also being tested today.”

ACP Myvett says police are looking at possible connection with both incidents. Police have not been able to establish where the drug was coming from or where it was destined.  He adds that since the tablets in Sapnish Lookout were found in the surrounding area where the trio was intercepted, investigators are working to establish a solid link between the suspects and the drugs found. According to ACP Myvett, while the drugs were not found in their possession, the law does provides that persons in the vicinity of where drugs are found are deemed to be in possession.