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Three charged for Roaring Creek murder

Belmopan police have charged three persons for the shooting in Roaring Creek Village on Tuesday night which resulted in the death of Thomas Henry.  22-year old Joseph Cadle was charged with the murder of Thomas Henry and attempted murder of Kimberly Smith who was also injured in the shooting. Cadle was also charged with the attempted murder of Orlando Smith Junior. He was additionally charged with use of deadly means of harm and wounding. Police also charged 18-year old Tyler Herrera Cruz for the murder of Thomas Henry. Meanwhile, nineteen-year-old Israel Cadle was charged with possession of unlicensed ammunition. Police believe they have recovered the weapon used in the commission of the crime. Thomas Henry and Kimberly Smith were shot in their home sometime after ten o’clock on Tuesday night after Smith peeped outside her house after hearing gunshots. She saw a gunman in her yard who then turned his attention to her and fired several shots in her direction. She was injured and her common-law husband Thomas Henry was fatally wounded.