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326 fires so far for 2017

According to the Fire Department, the data collected up to the end of October shows a total of three-hundred and twenty-six house fires. Yesterday, we told you about a family who lost their home in a fire. The family was at home sleeping at the time of the fire and narrowly managed to escape the burning house.  Other families have suffered devastating loss due to fires. Who could forget the Majestic Alley fire that occurred in March and destroyed several homes displacing over a dozen families? In July, a home estimated to be worth eight thousand dollars went up in flames in the Las Flores area of Belmopan.  At the time of the fire, the house was occupied by the Villas family who was renting it from the owner, Boris Dominguez. Apart from homes, there were several businesses that went up in flames. In July, the Menandro’s Company Limited two-storey structure located in the Free Zone for over a decade suddenly went up in flames and was no more. In the month of September, another business went up in flames in Spanish Lookout. The Midwest Lumber Yard on Center Road was completely destroyed by fire. The fire was caused by the lumber dryer that someone had left on. On October 8, a fire broke out in the Pickstock Hutment area of Belize City. The dwelling belonging to 33-year-old Gareth Gill was totally destroyed. Fires continue to be a common occurrence: displacing families, changing the landscape and costing millions of dollars.