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Three injured in weekend robberies

A series of robberies was reported over the long holiday weekend.  Two of them resulted in persons sustaining gunshot injuries.  Reporter Dalila Ical reports.

Wilfredo Ferrufino: “One man has been released from the Hospital into Police custody as Officers investigate the robbery of Ye long Store in United Ville Village. Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Myvett Head of the National Crimes Investigation Branch gave the details.“

AC Joseph Myvette: “Sometime around 1 pm 3 armed male persons had entered the store in attempt to rob those that were in the store, in the process the proprietor of the store received one gunshot to his left foot and in the process he then fired upon the assailants during which time we believe one was injured. An undisclosed amount of money was taken during the robbery and sometime shortly after 2 pm a 17 year old minor arrived at Western Regional Hospital with one gunshot injury to the back of his neck. He has since been admitted at the Hospital under Police guard but has since yesterday released and is now in police custody pending the investigation as well as other investigations in the Belmopan area.”

Dalilah Ical: “In another incident a 24 year old man was robbed and stabbed in Belmopan just before 8 on Friday night. It happened on the walkway near the YWCA. After Glenfor Daily Jr. left his house and reached at the YWCA building two hispanic men reportedly approached him. They pulled out a handgun and a knife and demanded money. Daily reportedly told the men that he did not have any money on him and handed over an Ipad. The person then wielding the knife stabbed Daily in his abdomen and his chest. Daily is hospitalized at the Western Regional Hospital in stable condition. A third person is injured in another incident. Police has not classified the incident as robbery but they provided details of the case. “

Wilfredo Ferrufino: Police respond to shots being fired at Tommy’s Wholesale, this will be on Central American Blvd. Upon arrival Police spoke to Jay Li a 34 year old businessman of the dead address.. He had indicated that he had returned to his residence of the business on Central American Blvd. him and his work man Mr. Chester Humes. They entered the yard, Mr. Humes went to the back of the yard and Mr. Lee was opening the door to the residence. He notices that Mr. Humes was taking long to return and he called out for him and when he did Mr.  Humes returned by being accosted by two masked individuals, one of whom was armed with a Firearm. They approach Mr. Lee and one of the gentleman or one of the assailants said to shoot and the gunman pulled the trigger but however the gun snapped. Mr. Lee then pulled his firearm and fired several shots. As a result the two masked men made good their escape and however Mr. Chester Humes was shot in the arm, in the left forearm. We believe that it was the friendly fire from Mr. Lee’s firearm but Police also recovered a 380 pistol in the same yard for the complaint and it was loaded with four live rounds of ammunition.”

Dalilah Ical: “Belize City Police are also investigating the robbery at the University of Belize compound on Chancellor Belize City. It happened on Monday morning.”

Wilfredo Ferrufino: Around 3 am Police responded to a burglary at the UB campus. This would be the West Landivar Campus. Upon arrival they spoke to the security guard who indicated that around 3 am whilst he was exciting an office in the building he was approached by two male individuals one of whom was armed with firearm. They led him back into the office and proceed to had him lay on the ground and proceed to ransack the office. They had repeatedly asked him for the gun however they was no firearm at the  location, no firearm is kept at that location and they made off with a cell phone and other personal items.”

Dalilah Ical Love News.