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Three Men Chopped In Family Dispute

The chopping incident of three Mayan descent men is being investigated by the authorities in Punta Gorda.  Reports are that at around ten twenty on November 11, police went to the Punta Gorda Hospital and found the trio suffering from chop wounds.  Two of them were suffering from multiple chop wounds to different parts of their bodies and the other had one chop wound to his left hand. Upon speaking to the male person with the chop wound to his left hand – 25-year-old Daniel Co, farmer of San Pedro Columbia Village who stated that his mother and father – Luis Co were involved in a heated domestic dispute where he and his brother – Ormando Co had intervened. As a result of their intervention, their father went for a machete and chopped Ormando Co on his head, on his right hand, and his right knee, on his back and on his left hand. While Daniel Co only received a chop wound on his left hand. During the chopping incident, Luis Co also received several chop wounds on his head, right knee and on the shoulder. All three male persons were treated at the Punta Gorda Hospital where Ormando Co was transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and Luis Co was transported to the Southern Regional Hospital for further treatment, while Daniel Co was treated at PG hospital.  Police investigations continue.