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Three more covid-19 deaths recorded

Three more Covid-19 related deaths were registered over the weekend, bringing the total to thirty deaths in Belize.  The patients were two males and a female, all above the age of fifty.

Three more Covid-19 related deaths were registered over the weekend, bringing the total to thirty deaths in Belize.  The patients were two males and a female, all above the age of fifty. Belize’s case fatality rate now stands at 1.37%. Dr Marvin Manzanero gave brief details on each of the deaths, and stated that in many cases, people do not immediately seek medical care.

Dr.Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services: “The last three deaths-  two males and one female, two up north, one from Cayo but died at Karl Huesner that person had a myocardial infarction while he was at Karl Huesner which is you know people who have COVID-19 are known to have what’s called a pro inflammatory stage which means they’re more prone to developing complications such as having an acute myocardial infarction and the patient never really recovered he was hemodynamically unstable until his death. The other case is a gentleman from Corozal referred to Karl Heusner and died almost upon arrival. That patient had been swabbed highly suspect case and that turned out to be positive and the female had been at the Northern Regional Hospital hospitalized for some days before she eventually died. Again we’re looking at the cases in Orange Walk and Corozal in particular because they are showing up kind of late for medical care. I’m not saying the people who seek earlier treatment you would get the same outcome but then you never know, we would still want to be able to capture you early and avoid the complications that we’re seeing the lead people to their deaths.”

In other covid-19 related news, one hundred and seventy cases were reported over the weekend with over seventy five reported in Orange Walk.  Corozal recorded thirty four cases; Belize recorded forty; Cayo recorded eleven; Stann Creek recorded seven and Toledo recorded one case. With the rise in cases, Dr Manzanero spoke about the Ministry of Health’s observation.

Dr.Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services: “We do note where we have had direct intervention from the Ministry of Health where it’s been more aggressive where you’ve had sweeps done, where you’ve had persons from headquarters go and beef up their response in the different communities you seem to slow down the numbers but then they surge again in other communities. I think the surge over the last three four days has been more in Orange Walk Town but you can link them to the rural communities of course. Multiple factors to tackle, we note that some people are simply just not being tested. I mean from earlier cases maybe in late August/early September that would have gone undetected because people didn’t want to be tested and then those transmissions continued to be passed on. People are not accessing health services necessarily and that could be for many reasons people just don’t want to know, people just don’t want to be placed under quarantine, people want to be able to continue to work and so they’re really hiding away from the system which is what contributes also to why people show up late when they’re critically ill so you have a god amount of people being diagnosed until they are very late. Multiple approaches that are required we also note that parties still go on, you have on the one hand people who will tell you they can’t afford to be under quarantine and you have people who may afford it but still choose from free will to go about and do their own thing. We have physical distancing not always being kept, improper wearing of a mask but I think the rural communities are working in tandem with the Ministry of Health. I understand some of my team met with NAVCO officials in the north to try to see how they can reach out and bridge that communication and education gap with the different communities and as I said when you look at the numbers in some communities that had initial cases  their numbers went down quickly but now we need to go back because other communities are now affected.”

One hundred and six cases were dubbed as recovered, bringing our active cases to 35.9%.