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Three persons arrested for the murder of Sherri Stringham

Three persons from Hopkins Village, including a minor, have been charged for the murder of US national, 68-year-old Sherris Ann Stringham.  Harry Arzu has the story.

Harry Arzu: “Three persons from Hopkins Village were arraigned today in the Dangriga Magistrate court for the Murder of 68 year old American National Sherris Stringham whose body was found last week Friday night after 11 o’clock decomposed under a bridge in Stedfast community in the Stann Creek district. The three persons charged for her murder are 18 year old Wilhelm Clayton Nunez, 18 year old Anthony Nunez and a minor. Due to the nature of the case no plea was taken and as a result they were remanded to the Belize Central Prison until their next court date. Love News spoke with one of the deceased’s friends.”

Friend: “An emotional siege because this lady she interacted with my children and she read books to my children so for me personally it is a very emotional time and I am very very sorry.

Harry Arzu:” The people of Hopkins Village are shocked and disturbed by the senseless killing and are disappointed in the behavior of some of the people in the area and their parents. Love News also spoke with the Chairman Ted Mckoy.

Chairman Ted Mckoy: “ That crime is to be condemned in every way you can think about the word condemned. It is not acceptable; the community has many feelings now towards that crime and we as a community will not allow the criminals to take over our community and it is wrong in every way. We condemn it and as the Chairman of the community I condemn this crime completely and anybody that is involved in this crime needs to be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law. This lady had her family, she was a great person, she tried as much as possible to work with the community. You wouldn’t imagine that something like this would happen to people like that.

Reporting for Love News I am Harry Arzu.

Villagers are planning a vigil for later this week.