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Three Police Officers face disciplinary charges for theft

Last month we reported on the three officers attached to the Special Patrol Unit who were being investigated for allegedly stealing 27 parcels of cocaine. The accused are Corporal Clinton Thomas, PC Kishane Peck and PC Albert Augustine. An internal investigation by the Professional Standards Branch revealed that the information is credible. The three officers have since been placed on disciplinary charges for Neglect of Duty and Act of Prejudice to good order and Discipline. They have since been interdicted from duty pending the outcome of this matter. The allegation is that on April 26, the three police officers conducted a house search at a home in Santa Elena Town, Cayo which led to the discovery of 27 parcels of Cocaine. The officers arrested the two persons present at the house during the house and the cocaine was confiscated but while on their way to Belmopan, the officers freed the two detainees. When they arrived in Belmopan, none of the officers submitted the drugs. It is alleged that the officers stole the cocaine and hid it with the intent of selling it.