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Three Police Officers Under Investigation for Alleged Brutality

Yesterday we told you of two minors who alleged that they were beaten by police in Belmopan. The injuries to the sixteen year old have been classified as wounding. As for the fifteen year old, he received a fractured skull.  Three police men have been under investigation and have been arrested for the allegations. Superintendent Andrew Ramirez, Acting Western Regional Commander says that the department takes these cases very seriously.


“The Commissioner of Police and the entire Police Department want to reiterate that there is zero tolerance for police brutality and abuse and as such officer commanding Belmopan Superintendent Gillett it is a serious and immediate investigation regarding that situation there and these officers have been charged criminally regarding the reports against the two minors and they recommendation has been made for them to be interdicted from active duty. We do not believe in condoning these acts of abuse because we are here to protect individuals and not to be violating their rights so I must applaud Mr.Gillet and his team of officers who were swift in detaining the officers who were called in the investigation.”

Twenty six year old Jose Uh, twenty six year old Emericano Alcoser and thirty one year old Edwin Marin have been charged for the crime of wounding and common assault. Superintendent Ramirez told Love News that he cannot find any defense as to why the extent of force was used on the teenagers.


Superintendent Ramirez says the police department is making a strong effort on working with persons in custody since they need the public’s trust.