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Three Years for Four Pounds of Shrimp

Forty-two year old Mark Middleton, aka “Rugu”, charged with the theft of 4 pounds of Shrimp from Public’s Supermarket, was sentenced to 3 months today by Magistrate Carlon Mendoza after he pled guilty to the charge. Middleton begged Magistrate Mendoza not to send him to prison because he has a daughter to take care of, but Magistrate Mendoza told that he seems to have a problem and he has already been given a chance and he did not take advantage of it, so he has to be given a custodial sentence. Middleton has previous convictions for theft and he has a charge of theft before the #2 Magistrate’s Court. The theft for which he pled guilty occurred around 8:30 this morning. A security guard at Public’s reported to the police that he was on patrol inside the supermarket when his attention was drawn to Middleton who had a blue knapsack on his back. He said he saw when Middleton went to the freezer section and take a transparent plastic bag with shrimp and put it in his knapsack. He said he ordered Middleton to stop and when Middleton did so he searched the knapsack and retrieved the shrimp.