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Thursday Night Murder: A Chavarria Retaliation?

A man who was shot last night in Ladyvillle, succumbed to his injuries earlier today. Just before eight o’clock last night, a team of officers at the Ladyville Police Station responded to reports of a shooting incident at the corner of Marage Road and Compassion Lane.  At the scene, the authorities found 18-year-old, Merkel Pitts of an Egbert Quilter Street address, bleeding from the abdomen and right arm.  Inspector Juanito Cocom, Officer in Charge of Ladyville Police Station gave a briefing on the investigation.

Family member Jane Armstrong, Pitt’s neighbor says that he was not the type to cause mischief.

While police will not confirm if it was a retaliation act from the murder of Rene Chavarria, who was gunned down less than a mile away, family says they suspect it may be a reason.

At the scene, investigators found nine – nine millimeter expended shells.  Several persons have been detained for questioning in connection with what is now a murder investigation.