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Tiara’s Ball instills self-worth in girls

International Missions of Hope is partnering with Tiara’s Girls Ministry of the United States to host a two day event for young girls from the ages of twelve to nineteen in Belize to let them know that they were created with a purpose. Delphin Garnett spoke to Love News about the event.

Delphin Garnett – International Missions of Hope

“The event consists of a ball and the ball will be at the SJC campus from 5-7 and the girls will be able to go there and get help with makeup and do their nails and help with their hair and all that and then at 7-9 is the ball itself. On Saturday we have the breakout groups right there on the SJC campus they have given us two large halls to conduct this and at this session now the girls get individual attention, different teachers and ladies from the United States and from Belize will join forces and have panel discussions with them and there will be time for questions and answers and it’s just going to be a great time from 9-12.”

Lily Garcia, who is the founder of Tiara’s Girls, said that she grew up believing that she was an accident and so she is making it her mission to go from country to country telling girls that they are not an accident.

Lily Garcia – Founder

“We travel from nation to nation with a message of self-worth, identity, we want the teenage girls to know that they are created on purpose. I thought I was an accident I was born to a single mom I was not a product of a love story I was a product of an encounter and it really did a number on me and I thought I was an accident and I accepted the love of the first boy who said I was beautiful and it was a very toxic love so God has shown me in this stage of my life to just go to nations and tell the girls what I have learnt that I am loved regardless if I am a father or not, to tell them that God loves them and that they don’t have to have sex with a boy to know that they are beautiful and that they are loved by God and that he created them on purpose to do something of significance. So I believe that God is in this and he wants the girls to learn to save themselves for the one that he has created for them.”

Tiara’s ball will be held tonight at SJC gymnasium at 7:00 p.m. and it is free of cost. International Missions of Hope said that the event promises to be “a life changing experience” that the girls will remember for the rest of their lives.