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Time to get your Christmas Wine

It’s officially 11 days to Christmas and people tend to flock to department stores in Belize, across the border and also online to do their shopping for that perfect gift. But many Belizeans living abroad and at home prefer traditional items like a black cake, local music and of course, Christmas wine.  Love News spoke to the producers of sorrel, cashew and blackberry wine who makes it clear it is all about family for the Christmas wine production.

Mahir Mckesey: “These wines here are all products of Culture Belize and we have three different wines here for the Christmas season. You can find us here in Sand Hill or on Mahogany St. in Belize City. My dad usually buy the fruits from everyone in the village and then he would usually do his magic and I would assist where he asks me for help and if we are busy then maybe my mom or my little brother would take over the shop but that is how the family operates this thing. You can always find us right across from the catholic school, right at the bump, you can’t miss it, the table is outside and the wine is always out here. We are open everyday except Saturday and we are located on Mile 17 on the Northern Highway. You can find us in Belize City on Mahogany St. right after the barber shop, you can’t miss it because wherever we are we have our table outside with our wines so just look out for the table, once you see the table you don’t know.”

You can find them at the speedbump at mile 17 on the Philip Goldson Highway.