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Tips to keep your child safe

Last week there was the story of a minor from Orange Walk who had gone missing.  She stayed away from home up until a few days ago when the authorities reunited her with her father.  As a result, 30-year-old, Magdeal Ceas of San Luis Village, Orange Walk District was charged after it was discovered that he had unlawful sexual intercourse with the minor.  This case is not unique as there have been numerous instances where minors are leaving home and reported missing.  Some cases are said to be kidnapping others are just runaway stories.  Senior Superintendent of Police, Howell Gillett stresses on the importance of good communication between parent and children.

Sr. Supt. Howell Gilet Commander Eastern Division Region One: “Change your route that you traverse on a daily basis, meaning if you use one street one day don’t use it every single day. You have to be aware of your surroundings, know if somebody is following you or not, try to stay in large groups if you are students, don’t walk alone; especially that your rightly said that night falls earlier than usual. Stay in areas that are not secluded meaning using these what we call picado rd., if it is avoidable try to do so. The general thing is to avoid becoming a target, you don’t want to set up yourself as a target and if you are to be kidnapped it is always wise to have some proof of life detail so that those who are tracking you down we can inform the Police and family members who are trying to find you. Ensure your family’s know at all times your where about especially if you are student and lastly you should speak openly to your parents so your parents should know who your friends are.

Late last week, the National Committee for Families and Children (NCFC) had expressed outrage at the various incidents where children are involved and made a direct appeal to the public to ensure the safety of our children.