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Tires Burn on the Highways

Burnt rubber were found on several portions of the George Price and the Hummingbird Highways between early yesterday and this morning. Early yesterday morning, one bus driver who was coming in from Dangriga to Belmopan spotted what seemed as burnt tires in the area known as Hershey. Today, there were at least two other areas where the remnants of burnt rubber was also found between Belize City and Belmopan. Speculations are that these acts may be a part of the industrial strike by the unions. The fact of the matter is though that no one was seen in the area when Police arrived. Love News spoke with Police Commissioner Chester Williams on these incidents.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “While we do have these peaceful activities by the union members there is always going to be that faction of society that is going to try to use these opportunities as a vehicle to commit whatever mischievous act that they may want to commit. And so with that we believe that the burning of these tires that you said one on the Hummingbird Highway, one on the Colonel English Bridge in La Democracia and I think the other one was on the St.Matthew’s Bridge, we do not believe that these tires were burned by members of the union but rather persons who are trying to create their own personal mischief. I must say that we maintain our highway patrols on every high way and major roads across the country with a view to deter these sort of activities but you’d know that persons who may wish to create these mischief will time the police vehicle after the police patrol has passed then they come out and do what needs to be done. But I must say that the police have been quick on these incidents and ensure that the fires or the tires were extinguished and there was no obstruction or hinderance caused to the flow of traffic. So that’s the good thing and we’re going to continue our efforts until the matter between the joint unions and the Government of Belize is fully resolved.”

Rene Trujillo, Love FM News: One so called media blog on Facebook indicated that the identification card of a union leader was found on the scene where the tires were burning, can you confirm or deny that report ? I understand it was Dean Flowers that they were saying. 

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “I think we need to stop call every wannabe media blog or media page media personality because there are many people out there that post things as media when they don’t know anything about media and yes there is that information I saw it on social media and I can categorically say that information is not true. Police have not found no identification card particularly that of Dean Flowers at any of these sites where these tires were found.”

A few hours after pictures and videos of the burning tires surfaced on social media, reports were that one union President incriminated himself by leaving his identification card behind. It turned out to be fake news as PSU President produced his ID for social media viewers to see, and the Police Commissioner refuted the story by the Association of Concerned Belizeans.