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Tires Set a Blaze Following Candle Light Vigil of Laddie Gillett Out West

Reports emerged that there were burning tires across the George Price Highway last night in one community. It was seen as protest action following the death of Laddie Gillett, which was shot by police a week ago today. His family told Fem Cruz that they do not condone that illegal activity.

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: Burning tyres were placed across the George Price Highway in the village of Camalote last night. There is speculation that this might be a part of protest against the death of fourteen year old Laddie Gillet who was shot and killed by a police officer in Placencia. Today we spoke to Sharon Neal who says that the family of Laddie is not responsible for this act.

Sharon Meighan, Aunt of Laddie: “We have had a vigil, very very peaceful. Loads of people came out and after the the vigil I was informed that tires were burning on the highway. I just want the public to know that we are in no way in support of things like these. It’s not lawful and so we had nothing to do with it and I understand that some people might be hurt and mad over the death of Laddie but there are certain ways to show your anger and there are certain ways to do things and so we do not condone that any at all. I would like the public to know that on Friday the 23rd of July we will be having a funeral for Laddie at a private property and we are very very sorry that we cannot have the entire country there with us as much as we would like for that to happen. We were given a certain amount of people that could be there and so we’re saving those spaces for his immediate families and his close friends but please be informed that we will have a live streaming on Live Events and Designs on Facebook so like their page and go and view the entire funeral. That will be a 2pm on Friday.”