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To Pay or Not to Pay?

Will the Government of Belize respect the Caribbean Court of Justice by paying ninety million dollars to Belize Bank? It was last week that the Caribbean Court of Justice overturned the decision of the Belize Court of Appeal and ordered Government to pay Belize Bank. Today’s Cabinet meeting discussed the judgment. Love News was there waiting for the Ministers to exit the meeting to find out what happened. The ministers who we managed to get a word with, were not saying much, but, they were adamant that if or when the matter is taken to the House of Representatives for approval, they would vote no.

Anthony Martinez – Area Representative for Port Loyola

“My commitment and my vote for no will remain no regardless and irrespective of what formulation.”

Michael Finnegan – Area Representative for Mesopotamia

“I feel the same way.”

Tracy Taegar-Panton – Area Representative for Albert

“My position was not only based on my personal views but the views of members of my constituency. Tomorrow we will have a press conference and government’s official position will be tabled.”

The Prime Minister has called a press conference for  Wednesday  November 10th  to officially announce his government’s position on the matter. The case dates back to 2004 when the Said Musa led government signed as guarantor for a loan agreement between the Belize Bank and Universal Health Services. After the private institution was unable to meet its debts, the Government had to shoulder the bill.