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“To Southside with Love”

Earlier this year, the ongoing crime on the southside of Belize City led the Government of Belize to declare a Public State of Emergency for two areas.  Last Saturday, there was a different type of intervention to address the crime situation this time it came from the church.  The Belmopan Nazarene Church partnered with the Police Department to hold an event on the Southside coined, “to Southside with Love”.  Love news stopped by and spoke with Pastor Louis Wade of Belmopan Nazarene Church about the event.

Pastor Louis Wade: But we decided how can we help Belize city, we see a lot of the problems that we have here and how can we with the love of Christ come into a area and transform it even if it’s just for a day and so we got all of our Ministries together, we have sort of a compassionate Ministry that deals with groceries, clothing as well as; it does more in Belmopan but at least we brought 100 bags of groceries and so the Evenaglism team which is another team walked into this community: Rocky road and then corner George St. race course and so we visited 100 homes, 100 families and gave each of them a bag of groceries and then we also were able to enter into many of their homes and pray with them, pray for them and then invite them to come out because we have the medical team from our church.”

There was also a team of lawyers at the event to give free legal consultation.