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Toddler dies after falling in pit toilet

Pauline SoberanisTillett reporting…
“Sometime around 5:30 yesterday evening a 26 year old mother of four and resident of Maya Mopan Belmopan Teresita Coy reported that her seventeen month old baby girl, Oriana Coy was playing in the yard with her siblings when she suddenly disappeared. They began searching and sadly they found her inside a toilet hole apparently dead. According to one of the neighbors Magdalena Teul, this is not only a loss for the mother but a loss for the entire family.”

Magdalena Teul – Neighbour
“Yesterday evening at around 5:30pm I was at home along with my family. Our family was alerted that our Oriana was missing and we started a search. About ten minutes after someone started shouting that the baby was dead in the water. In the hole that is for a toilet which is filled with water because of the rain. She was then rushed to the hospital. We send condolences to Ms.Teresita Coy and Carlos Coy who lost a loved one and we are all grieving and we will miss her. She was my little niece.”

The file has been forwarded to Human Services and their findings will determine whether criminal charges will be filed.