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Toddler Drowns at Home

A one year old baby drowned in Indian Creek Village in the Orange Walk District.  According to reports, the toddler died yesterday after was left alone to play. Police arrived on the scene and found the lifeless body of the little girl. Love News spoke with Officer in Charge of Orange Walk Police,  Assistant Superintendent Selvin Tillett.


Orange Walk police visited Indian Creek Village which is a Mennonite community in the Orange Walk District where they saw the motionless body of a one year, two month old female baby.  Initial investigations reveal that on 3rd February at 10:15am the little girl was just fed by her mother Ana Black and was left to play around the house as she usually does. Fifteen minutes later her sixteen year old brother reached home and found his little sister motionless head down in a green tub which was filled with water and clothes in the laundry room. He alerted his father who came to try and revive his sister but she was already dead and water was coming out of her mouth. No foul play is suspected. At this point we are looking at all angles and are still investigating.”

Police says they do not expect foul play but are still investigating whether or not the mother will face any charges.