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Toddler Gets Injured After Iron Gate Falls

Three year old Brianna Timmons is at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after a ten foot iron gate fell on her on Friday night. Love News understands that the three year old’s mother had gone to the library at Lloyd Coffin pre-school off Mahagony Street in Belize City to look for her husband who works there. From what we gathered from an eyewitness, Brianna was playing near the gate when it fell on her.


“When I was about to pass by the gate, I saw the children playing close to the gate but they weren’t playing on the gate itself. When I turned back from the shop I heard the screaming and when I reached there I saw the gate fall on the ground and when I went closer I saw the same baby that was close to the gate earlier when I passed by. The gate had fallen on her so that I just gave assistance and helped them to put her in the vehicle to help her get to the hospital. The baby had what seemed to be head injuries, like she was hit in the head. The baby was  bleeding from her nose and mouth and it looked like her forehead. The mom couldn’t hold up. She was bawling and bawling for help. A guy helped her by taking the baby in a vehicle, a Rodeo. The baby was not responding, just lying on the ground. Her mom had her head lifted up and was trying to talk to her and telling her to hold up and stay conscious because the baby didn’t look like she was breathing at all.”

Brianna is currently at the KHMH receiving treatment for her injuries.