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Toddler Recovers from Burns at Shriners Hospital

There was no official report reaching our newsroom and it is unclear as to when exactly in July, the incident occurred but there was an update published on a US news station involving a Belizean toddler who had received second and third degree burns.  That 3-year-old child, Dylan Popp is now recovering in Boston after getting burned with a pot of hot water and subsequently being diagnosed with a hole in his heart.  According to the report, the boy arrived there severely burned and blue.  Reports are that the mother was cooking on a fire hearth at her home and had taken a pot of boiling water and placed it on the ground.  The child was playing in the vicinity and reportedly stumbled backwards into the water.  According to Doctor Phillip Chang of Shriners Hospital for Children in Boston, as soon as we found out the information from the Belize Gift of Life program, they accepted him for care at their facility.  Dylan Pop was diagnosed with second degree burns and some potentially as deep as third degree burns but Doctor Chang went further to say that there was another medical issue, completely unrelated to his injuries.  He had a large hole in his heart, a defect had been there since birth and subsequently needed surgery at a second Boston hospital to save his life.  The child was then referred to Tufts Medical Centre where it was found that there was no blood flowing from the right ventricle to the lungs and his oxygen was so low that his skin and nails appeared blue.  Tufts Medical Center agreed to perform the life-saving surgery  and today they have reported that Dylan’s heart is healthy and is now back to Shriners for a final round of treatment as his burns heal.  As it pertains to the cost, the mother Marcrina Moh was fortunate to not have to bear any financial burden as the Aleppo Shrine Temple covered the cost of treatment for the burns he received to about forty percent of his body while the Ray Tye Foundation paid for the heart surgery.  According to the Shriner’s Hospital website, Dylan is expected to return to Belize and live a very full and happy life. He will return to Boston for periodic care so that his medical team there can ensure that he continues to grow and thrive.