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Toddler run over by SUV

Fem  Cruz reporting…

“A two-year-old female toddler of Tea Kettle Village is dead after she was knocked down and ran over by a grey Ford Escape driven at the time by thirty-year-old Elba Cruz, a Finance Officer and a resident of Ontario Village. According to the father of the child, forty-two year old Clifford Reyes, a resident of Tea Kettle Village; he was inside his father’s house when sometime around four o’clock in the evening he came outside and walk towards the Ford Escape where Elba Cruz was and that is when the unforgettable happened.

Clifford Reyes – Father

“Yesterday after four I was at my father’s house repairing my truck, I get through with it and I was short of some oil, that was like about minutes to four or shortly after four something like that. Some brother deh out of road by the Chiney shop; I call him and tell him to bring me a gallon of fifty oil for me; He says no problem so like a little ten minutes after I see his common law come and blow because we were under the house bottom a little busy; it was my Mother’s birthday, we were preparing something for the next day morning and then when she blow she raise up the gallon oil and show me through the glass. So I automatically jump up went out there to receive the oil from her; asked her how much? Then she tell me thirty-something dollars, I gone to my truck front door; I pass front of her vehicle went to my truck door; open my truck and get my bill folder, open it and I was trying to get her money for her and when I check it up I didn’t have enough change so I told her I only have fifty dollar bills and she said alright I going to my mom when I come back I will get it. I told her alright just bring change and she drive off slowly; I still have my back turned. When I hear, I hear some bike horn, some motorcycle I hear beep, beep, beep when I look, two bikes they are stopping her. When I spin round to watch the bike and I watch the bike I see what the man told her. “You knocked down a child” and when I look on the ground I see it was my daughter because I know the clothes the baby have on. I run gone pick up my daughter, when I picked up her blood was coming through her mouth, her nose, and her ears, and I kissed up her and I was crying. I run back to my truck with the baby and then everybody that was under the house bottom the work; run out there to see what and automatically daddy say let’s go, let’s go and he hurry get his van key, we jump in the van and gone to hospital. When we reach there the doctor did what they could do and in less than five minutes they pronounce her dead.”